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Learn Something About Energy Waste

What is unwasteNY for Business?

“It’s basically about wasting less. Even small changes bring big results.” – Hines Property Management

25% of energy we pay for, we waste.  unwasteNY.

What is unwasteNY for Business?

unwasteNY for business is… illuminating energy use to help New York businesses eliminate energy waste. We’re spending more and more money to power our businesses every year, yet 25 percent of the energy we pay for, we waste. As businesses try to operate more resourcefully, there are ways to reduce energy waste – to unwaste – while giving a positive boost to the bottom line.
unwasteNY is… a growing list of smart New York offices, restaurants, stores, factories, and many other companies – all minimizing energy waste to maximize their business and competitive performance. From iconic New York buildings to the store around the corner, unwasteNY can help get your business on the road to unwasting.

unwasteNY is… spotlighting New York businesses that are eliminating energy waste, recognizing businesses from across the state that are leading the way and sharing practical steps to becoming more energy efficient.

unwasteNY is… bringing together all of the resources, information and incentives available, tailored to your specific needs, to help you take the necessary steps to unwaste your business. 

unwasteNY is… making it easy to begin saving energy and money. It allows you to create a plan to reduce energy waste, and register the energy-saving actions your business accomplishes over time. Unwaste your business today.


Join New York State businesses that are unwasting energy. Get started now.

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